How To Get Some Bucks Sent Straight To Your Paypal

Grindabuck is an online rewards club that will pay you virtual rewards for completing different tasks like Watching Videos, Answering Surveys, Shopping, Participating in Contests and much more. ¬†You’ll be paid with a currency called Grind-a-Bucks. Unlike most websites where you only get an option for an Amazon gift card, this website will pay you PayPal money directly.

Grindabuck will also pay you every 30 minutes to listen to music which is basically an online streaming radio station.   They have other tasks like signing up to Websites, joining mailing lists, which pay you between 25 and 200 grindabuck for each one that you complete.  

Additionally you will earn 100 Grindabucks for successfully referring people, and you also get 10% of their earnings for life.  It is free to register and you can even log in with your Facebook ID. What is great about Grindabucks is that there’s many ways to earn points so if videos aren’t your thing then you can do surveys.  If you don’t like surveys you can just listen to the radio.

The value of Grindabucks for example is that one hundred Grindabucks is worth $1.  If you’re new to the site you’ll need to wait until you reach about one thousand Grindabucks until you can cash out for $10.  You will also get one hundred points just for signing up as well.

All your points can be redeemed for PayPal money and you can also use Bitcoin or you can just use an Amazon gift card.  Another great bonus is that they have a prepaid Visa Card, so you can have their rewards loaded on to a Visa card and then you can just take that card and go buy things wherever you like.

Ok, so this is not going to make you rich, but its a cool way to start making some income online.

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